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Just Moved to a New Area?

Moving house, it is commonly claimed, is one of the most stressful events in life, with its own set of difficulties and problems. Moving is stressful enough in its own right but when you add to this the reasons people most often move are, perhaps, because of committing to a new relationship or taking a new career move, then this can only add to the worry involved. Whatever the reason you are moving: whether you’re moving on the same street or to the other side of the world, whether you are about to move or have just undertaken that big step, in what follows we will take a look at some of the help that’s on offer to make the whole experience smoother and less stressful.

One you’ve decided that you’re moving, and where you’re moving too, perhaps the next most important thing is to find a reliable removal company. The firm you choose will depend upon where you live, and whether your move is national or international, but the internet can be a useful resource in finding the firm best for you. For instance The Moving Service is a specialist moving site that claims to allow you to compare the cost of removal firms online. They also, usefully, provide an online moving notebook that will remind you what you need to be doing and when. Another specialist site is Help I Am Moving, who maybe able to help find removal companies and source everything from storage companies to boxes. If you’re moving within, or to, the U.K. www.whathouse.co.uk/moving can also prove useful in finding a removal company, and this site also contains lots of other information useful to movers.

If you’re moving to, or within, the United States Just Moved contains help and advice for new movers. Perhaps one of the first things to do is getting your telephone and internet access connected. Don’t forget: if you’re moving within the States you may have to re-register your vehicle, and advice on doing so can be found at the DMV site. You may also have to register to vote in your new state or risk loosing being able to do so. Another important thing not to forget is to register with a local doctor or health authority. Although moving is accompanied by a lot of formalities, it is also a new beginning: an excuse for a party, and a chance to make new friends. One thing you’re inevitably going to want to do is let your friends and family know your new address. A useful way of doing this is to send an electronic ‘just moved’ postcard, and such a service can be found at www.justmoved.com/postcard. One concern you may have is how to make your new house more homely. Advice and tips on doing so, including organising a house-warming party, can be found at www.thefrontdoor.com/justmoved.cfm.

One of the major problems people face when moving is integrating themselves into the local community, this can be even more pronounced if one moves to an area of different language and culture. There are several ways in which one can meet new people. First, introduce yourself to your new neighbours: as a good relationship with them is important to feeling at home. Second, if you’ve moved for a new job find out if there are any social occasions or activities organised through work. The internet can, once again, prove useful here. For instance if you are a Christian or have a Christian partner, or have moved to a predominately Christian country, Just Moved provides a point of contact for Christian women moving into new communities. Do a quick Google seach for other religious and social groups!

On moving to a new area, and away from existing family and friends, you may find yourself with increased leisure time. Moving is a good opportunity to begin a new hobby or sport. Alternatively, you may already have a passionate interested and be anxious to find out if there is anybody in the local area sharing it. Either way, one means of finding out what’s going on is through local newspapers and radio stations. One great site that can help you do this is our own, LeisureBuddy.com which allows you to create a free profile, search for others in your area with similar interests, or even simply just find out what people in your local area are up to. We hope that the above information has been useful, and wish you a stress-free move and happiness in your new home.

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