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The New Year and New Years Resolution

New Year is an exciting time, a time for celebration and reflection. Below we’ll take a look at some of the sources of information about New Year, including where to celebrate, as well as some of the help and advice available about formulating, and more importantly sticking to, those New Year’s resolutions.

If you’re interested in finding out about New Year, and how and when it is celebrated in different countries and by different cultures around the world, Wikipedia has an interesting article on the subject. Goals Guy has interesting facts about New Years, and information about its history.

It’s great to witnesses the way in which different cultures celebrate a New Year. For instance, along with a whole host of other interesting information, details of where and when to witness the colourful celebrations of Chinese New Year. Fancy a trip to Scotland next New Years? Information about the famous celebrations that take place there; including travel, accommodation, and ticket information, can be found at Hogmanay.net and Edinburghs Hogmanay.org. If you’re planning to spend New Years Day in London, details of the New Year’s Day parade can be found at London Parade.co.uk.

New Years in a time of reflection and change, a time at which people traditionally make promises to themselves: typically, to eat more healthy food, get more exercise, or give up smoking. Sticking to these New Year’s resolutions, however, can prove difficult. Why not consider some expert advice from a psychologists about sticking to resolutions. Further advice on keeping up New Year’s resolutions can be found at:

Generally, these sites appear to agree, you should: aspire to realistic, realisable, goals; write your resolutions down; and not be perturbed by set backs. A service you may find helpful is offered by Hiaspire.com/newyear, which you can set to e. mail yourself resolution reminders thought out the year.

The beginning of a new year also provides an opportunity to develop an existing hobby, sport, or pastime, or begin something new. One useful tool in doing this is our very own LeisureBuddy.com, which allows you to find others in your local area sharing your passions and interests, or simply see what other people are up too. We hope that you have found the above information useful, and wish you a happy (new) year.

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