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Looking to make more of your Retirement ?

Retirement is a time of change, worry, and excitement. Whether your retirement is planned or has come about unexpectedly, whether you’re staying in your home or retiring to the other side of the world, if you’re just about to retire or have already taken that leap, below we’ll take a look at some of the help and advice that’s available.

It is important to plan for retirement carefully. If you live in the U.K., the government has advice for those over fifty. Another site with lots of helpful information regarding everything from income and benefit entitlement, health and housing advice, to age discrimination law is at 55 Plus. If you live in the United States lots of useful links for retired persons are at the PBX site. The UK 50 Connect site is great for planning your retirment. Specialist financial help and advice may also be obtained from www.justretirement.com. If you live in the U.K., are retired, and are looking for a new home, you might find Retirement Home Search of interest. If you live in the western United States and are interested in joining a retirement community, such as the service run by Leisure Care.com.

Several sites provide general advice for retired persons, including everything from guidance with managing your home to pensions and travel information (for instance, Retirement Matters an Later Life). There are also several magazines dedicated to offering help and advice for the retired, such as SAGA and the Retired Magazines site has lots of interesting online articles. One site that you may find useful is Silver Surfers.net, which provides links to lots of sites of interest to those over fifty.

One thing you may notice retirement brings is an increase in leisure time, and you might find yourself wondering what to do. Retirement provides an opportunity to engage in something new; begin a new hobby, sport, interest, or develop an existing one. Retirement With a Purpose.com/hobbies provides a monthly ezine with advice on how to make your retirement productive and interesting. Similarly, Retirement Hobbies.com contains lots of great ideas for activities. One thing you may like to consider is taking up an art or craft, for instance candle making, calligraphy, or wood turning. There are many sites from which you can obtain a whole host of craft materials on the internet:

Craft Site Directory.com provides a list of useful links to arts and crafts sites and, similarly, Craft Links.co.uk boasts a specialist crafts search engine. If you’re interested in finding your nearest craft fair, this may be located by means of ICHF or Craft Fair.

Collecting is another great hobby. Information about collecting is available from Forbes, for from one of the specialist online forums: Collector Cafe.com, World Collectors Net.com. Stamp collecting, in particular, is popular, and information about this can be found at Stanley Gibbons or 1840on. The internet is perhaps the most powerful resource available in getting in touch with others that have similar interests, or finding out what sort of hobbies and pastimes other people are engaged in.

Our own LeisureBuddy.com for example provides potential access to people engaged in numerous different hobbies, sports, and activities. We hope you have found the above advice helpful, and we wish you an enjoyable and fulfilling retirement.


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