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Make the most of being a Student

Being a student is an exciting and stressful time of life. Whether you’re thinking about becoming a student for the first time or returning to studying, studying full-time or part-time, attending an institution or undertaking distance-learning from home, below we’ll take a look at some of the help and advice available.

Perhaps the most important point of contact for students is the UK is the N.U.S. (National Union of Students) , which provides help and advice, represents students politically, run student welfare services, and can help if you think you have been unfairly treated. Other useful sites containing general advice for students are Studying-in-England.org, and UK Student Llife.com.

During your studies, www.tutorhunt.com, provides a completely free service both tutors and students to locate each other. They are used by thousands of parents/students. Also have a look at this UK tutors site, www.firsttutors.com (who also have Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa and Italian based tutors !)

If you are starting study later in life, or returning to study as a mature student, this can be even more daunting. Some useful UK government advice is available and HERO. If you’re yet to apply for a course, it is important to put a good application together, and be well prepared for interview. A careers service offering advice about writing applications and interview technique can be found at Prospects.ac.uk. If you live in London and are considering returning to study as a mature student some helpful information can be found at London.gov.uk.

It is important to consider which course to undertake carefully, as once you have embarked upon one changing can prove time-consuming and costly. If you are yet to find a course the following sites may be helpful. For instance Learn Direct Advice.co.uk or Hot Courses.com list many courses.

Floodlight.co.uk specializes in finding courses in London, and Night Courses.com with finding courses in Ireland. Once you’ve found a course, you may also have to find somewhere to live. If you’re studying at an institution they can usually help you do this, but additional help may also be gained from Accommodation for Students.com. Studying is expensive, and you may wish to consider getting a part-time job to help support your studies, two sites that specialize in finding jobs for students are e4s.co.uk and Just Jobs 4 Students.co.uk.

If you’re looking to do a particular type of course the following sites might help. For instance, if you’re interested in learning a new language, some general information about doing so is available from BBC.co.uk/languages. Word 2 Word.com/coursead.html claims to provide free online language courses, and a directory of language courses available can also be found at Language Courses UK.co.uk. Cooking courses are also very popular, booking for which is available via www.leiths.com. Dance classes are another popular favorite, if you live in London Pineapple.uk.com is a good place at which to find lessons, otherwise Dance Wweb.co.uk can help you locate your nearest classes. If you fancy something a little bit different, classes in circus skills are available from Circomedia.com.

Studying can be stressful. One way of dealing with stress is by taking up a regular sport or hobby. If you’re studying at an institution, there will probably be a host of clubs and societies. There are also numerous tools on the internet that can enable you to locate your nearest sports club. If you live in London City of London.gov.uk provide a sports directory. If you are in Australia Ausport.gov.au should be able to help you.

Fancy trying some alternative or extreme sports? Adventure Directory.com index air, water, mountain, land, and extreme sports, with information on everything from hot air ballooning to white water rafting. Many sporting directories can be found on the internet, for example:

Our very own LeisureBuddy.com also provides a simple and easy to use way of finding out what sports and activities are available in your local area. We hope that you have found the above information useful, wish you all the best with your studies, and a successful future.

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